The Curious Case of ‘Motivation’

In this age of cutthroat competitions, the phrase Motivation has come to be the most adored phrase of our ‘surprisingly motivated’ and ‘motivation oriented’ bosses. Figuratively, they consume motivation regular in their breakfasts, and sleep pulling the blanket of motivation. And spend the whole day in motivation. Unfortunately, we can not purchase motivation in the market, but it’s miles as vital as food, water and refuge. How do you consider someone without motivation? As a pathetic loser who spends his life aimlessly (like animals) and dies with out gaining any call & fame, or precisely, cash? More or less, yes! By the manner, why is this motivation so severe?

I inform you a reality: ‘Motivation’ is the maximum abused and stressed phrase by our grumpy looking bosses and geeky CEOs. They eat ‘motivation’ and excrete (I’m no longer meant to use the opposite word) ‘motivation’. They are so tousled with the word ‘motivation’ that they have got forgotten the real which means, price and vastness of motivation. They inspire us in conferences, in conversation, at lunch, and whilst driving. They endeavor to instill motivation in our our bodies as though a person blows air into balloons. The maximum provoking a part of the verbal exchange is when they say ‘you must inspire yourself’. So, now you spot that they themselves aren’t so prompted that they might inspire others with out saying ‘inspire yourself’. Now the reality is your boss can in no way ‘encourage’ you.

Boss’s Motivation is Different from Employee’s

The thing which motivates boss doesn’t encourage personnel. Bosses need to comprehend it; employees realize it already. The boss who attempts to motivate his personnel by telling the memories of Napoleon and Abraham Lincoln are fools. Yes, I stated ‘idiot’, due to the fact I’m no longer meant to apply the word A***le. By the manner, you are not ‘meant’ to mention or do many things in offices, and you are ‘meant’ to be reminded of it by using your boss regularly because the company world runs on plenty of ‘supposition’. I become also no longer supposed to ask my boss ‘sir, how am I supposed to get prompted if you pay me the identical profits even after years?’. Then I realized my boss had taken my word seriously while, in the interview, I had informed him ‘it isn’t the earnings which motivates employees’. Well, you spot I have been doing my activity for 2 years on the equal earnings. You see, money couldn’t motivate me – to leap to another job.

Money Does Motivate, But Not Always

I realize a guy who turned into exceptionally motivated by cash and incentives what he earned. He labored and worked and worked. Do you realize what took place to this bad guy? His motivation turned into sold via a few other corporation. I do accept as true with, very quickly he will services get a higher patron than the present day one. It’s vicious circle; he is playing it. There changed into any other man who became not so lucky; he became thrown out of the enterprise due to the fact he didn’t attain the goal, and did not deserve the sumptuous salary. Then he realized that the motivation by using cash is not all, there may be additionally some thing which is known as ‘task security’. By the way, that enlightened man became… Me.

Is Job Security Really Motivating Me?

Here at my new workplace, it is particularly warm and smooth-going. The task is as desirable as a clerk’s activity – normal, the same issue. There is not any fuss, no confusion, no tension, no pesky rule & rules… But the lesser revenue. However, I don’t feel like quitting this location, I want to move on with this job. It seems like some thing – something motivating in nature. Yes, it does sense like motivating.

Moral of the tale: do not take life so critically, as it’s funny in nature. And you cannot grow to be Bill G