Hair Junking- Why You Need to Remove Unwanted Hair

The conception of hair junking started a long time agone. In ancient Egypt, people removed their body hairs to keep spongers and ticks from growing on their bodies. Germicides hadn’t been constructed yet so this was reason enough for the people at that time to get relieve of body hair. Archaeological substantiation showed that string, tweezers, sugar wax, wax and indeed razors were used to remove unwanted hair during ancient times.


The Greeks equated smooth skin with being cultivated and the Romans and Sumerians, both men and women likewise, used different styles to remove unwanted hair. In the history, cases were needed to shave before they could be operated on for hygiene reasons but they now plant out that’s was ineffective so it was no longer rehearsed before surgery.

Ultramodern hair junking started with a fashion magazine showing a lady in sleeveless gown with clean underarms. It came as a shock at first but ultimately caught on and came a trend especially with the help of an superintendent of an American company which was the first company to announce juggernauts for hair junking and accordingly convinced women that underarm hair was hygienic and mannish. As a result, underarm paring came popular and indeed before World War I, razors were in demand.

The deficit of silk socks during WWII started the practice of women paring their legs. It’s still fashion that persuades the women of moment to use different hair junking styles in order for them to have smooth and furless skin as the hemline of their skirts rises.

Reasons For Hair Junking

You may suppose that the only reason why men and women use hair junking products is due to aesthetics. Still, multitudinous reasons have contributed to this practice. One important provocation would be a medical condition called trichiasis which is the growth of ingrown eyelashes. It’s necessary that the ingrown hair be removed to avoid scratching the eye.

There’s an disease called Hypertrichosis that makes a person grow hair exorbitantly. People who have cancer might need to shave their hair off before or during chemotherapy because one of the side goods of this treatment is irregular hair loss.

Gender reassignment from a manly to a womanish might be another provocation why people go through hair junking. Before a transsexual goes through the Genital Reassignment Surgery from manly to womanish, he must remove facial beard hair either by electrolysis or ray, or by using both procedures.

In operations, it’s also possible that surgeons will recommend the junking of pubic hair by electrolysis because the surgeon will use the being penis skin and part of scrotum to make a vagina. Different people may have different reasons for getting their hair junking but one thing is for sure, hair junking practices are then to stay.