For maximum protection and access control, file cabinet locks are recommended.

Many office file cabinets have an integrated locking system. There are many locking options. There are two types of locking systems: the key-based and the keyless. You should choose furniture that offers maximum security, protection, and control. There are many types and styles of file cabinet key-based locks. These can be used for vertical, lateral, and custom-built furniture.

The pin tumbler lock is the most popular key-based lock. It has different pin lengths inside. Another type of tumbler lock is the tubular tumbler lock, which has exposed and horizontal pins. The cam lock can be opened and closed with a key, while the plunger lock requires a key to open. To close or relock the cylinder, you just need to push it. You can add a keypad lock to your internal locking device for additional security cabinet lock manufacturers.

There are many options for electronic locking systems and access controls mechanisms on filing cabinets. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and functions. There is a revolutionary, electrically activated locking instrument for cabinets which is being developed today. The actuator powers it, as well as an electronic module that controls power. A rotatable cam connects to the actuator. It also has a lifting pin carrier, which can be vertically moved by cam rotation. The lifting pin carrier holds the lifting pin, while the locking bar moves in response to cam rotation. The model will soon be available on the market.

You can also get drawer cabinets with an e-lock access mechanism. Individuals are granted access to the drawer cabinets. A PC is required to allow authorized users to open drawers. The display screen at the drawer file cabinet indicates which drawer is open. All other drawers remain closed. A hand-held radio transmitter can unlock another electronic locking system. After a set time, cabinet locks will automatically be locked. This LED (Light Emitting Diode), device monitors the situation and guides cabinet locks to open. An emergency opening is another feature that can be used in the event of a lost radio control transmitter. It can also be operated by batteries and is easy to use.

Unique coded locking system for a file cabinet includes two passwords and a combination of numbers to identify the boss and user. The keypad monitors the cabinet’s access and records day, date, and time. The display screen displays information even if the keypad is not in use. A second file cabinet lock features an advanced LCD electronic lock system that includes a backlit keypad and an LCD lock system. This lock features a programmable pin access and a tubular key lock. It is recommended to choose branded locking systems from well-respected manufacturers when choosing file cabinet locks.

No matter what type of locking system you have, whether it’s a steel case lock or lock bar system, electronic, mechanical, or electrical, it is important that file cabinet locks aren’t easily accessible by thieves or unauthorized individuals. Protect your confidential and most important documents, especially those that are related to personal assets and business trade secrets and keep them secure at all costs.