Application and cleaning maintenance of electric heaters

Electric heater is generally used to use? Its temperature is so high, which can reach 850 ° C. According to Electric Heater Co., Ltd. Why is it more frequent for these industries? Is there any better advantage?

Look at the characteristics: small size and clean. Up to 850 ° C, the air can be heated to a very high temperature, and the housing temperature is only about 50 ° C. It can reach 10 ° C / s fast and stable and stable, there is no converging air temperature and lag, and the temperature control drift is uncertain, the temperature rise and cooling rate block is very suitable for automatic control. These features are only part of it. Of course there are a lot, here is not listed here. It is important to have a good advantage, but usual maintenance is very important. For example, the cleaning of the tone is very important. If the wind is blocked, then it is not used to work, it is useless, and it is the best in this era. For the cleaning of this tone, many people will personal heater not forget or even have to pay attention. The general family has a central air conditioner each indoor unit that gives a wind tank and a return air, the airflow cycle is more reasonable. The indoor temperature is more uniform, and the constant temperature of ± 1 ° C can be maintained. The human body feels more natural and comfortable. It is better to have a timely cleaning. More than just home air conditioners need to be cleaned, but the air conditioner of the car is also the same.

Automotive air conditioner air-conditioned air-conditioned filter, remove the filter device, open the door, the window, the air conditioner is adjusted to the highest gear, and the air conditioner cleaner is sprayed into the air outlet, and close Air conditioning outlet, avoiding the cleaning agent flows out during operation. After cleaning, the dirt in the air conditioner is exported from the cleaning agent from the air conditioner system located on the chassis. Cleaning the air conditioning system not only improves the cooling effect, but also effectively extend the service life of air conditioners. Be sure to use the advantages of good products, do your product maintenance.